Lauren Landers

Gardening & Sustainability Writer


I write all original blogs, articles and copy about organic gardening & pollinator gardening.


From zero waste to sustainable fashion, I am passionate about sharing eco tips through writing.

Garden Coaching & Consulting

Do you have a garden or plant question? Need help with plant selection or design suggestions? I can help!


I specialize in writing blogs, articles, guides, how-tos, e-books and website copy on all things gardening. With hands-on experience running a small, organic farm, I am particularly passionate about organic and pollinator gardening. Other topics I cover include vegetable and herb gardening, medicinal herb gardening, raised bed gardening, small space gardening, weedless gardening, organic pest control, composting, landscape design, market gardening, crafting with plants, homesteading, backyard chickens and much more.If you'd like me to write content for your website or blog, please email me at


We have only one planet and it's our duty, as stewards of the Earth, to do what we can to protect it. This is one of the reasons why I love writing about sustainability, conscious living and green homes so much.Some of the topics I cover include sustainable fashion, plastic reduction, effective recycling, eco-friendly swaps and products, current green trends, organic gardening, sustainable homes, DIY and décor, environmentalism, low to zero waste living, minimalism, energy conservation and much more. From blogs to website copy to e-books, I can draft content on sustainability for you and your website.If you'd like me to write content for you, please email me at

Garden coaching and consulting

As a garden coach, I can help you with all of your plant and garden questions!Whether you have an ailing houseplant or you need help with garden design or plant selection, I can work with you to find a solution.I can help with finding the right native plants for your grow zone, plant ID, specific plant care recommendations, pest/disease identification, maximizing the yield of edible gardens organically, selecting plants for your specific garden and growing region and more!Email me at for details or to schedule a virtual consultation.